January 11, 2021

NDASA’s Digital Facelift

By Christine

Welcome to the new NDASA.com! You might have noticed our site suddenly looks VERY different!

Over the last three-plus years, NDASA has evolved and grown significantly as an organization. This is in large part thanks to our committed and active member base. You have told us what you want and need, and we’ve listened. Everyone’s hard work has made NDASA better and stronger. We believe our new website reflects how far we’ve come as an association.

The site includes many under-the-hood upgrades, a revamped design, added content and significant reorganization to enhance your experience.

Our goals:

  • To make your browsing experience as smooth and easy as possible, on any device, especially on your smartphone.
  • To make it easier for you to find critical information and resources with an upgraded search function.
  • To ensure that you don’t miss any of NDASA’s exceptional member benefits and training opportunities.
  • To make online learning, event signup, filling in forms and other functions faster and more streamlined.
  • To support our mission of keeping workplaces and communities drug-free and safe.

The new website should include all the information you found helpful on our old site. But we value your feedback. Please let us know if something is missing, broken or you have suggestions about how NDASA.com could be better.  Feel free to email any comments, questions or concerns to info@ndasa.com.

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