April 23, 2021

Meet the Drug Screening Compliance Institute

By Christine

The Drug Screening Compliance Institute (DSCI) provides a robust blog that tracks the fast-paced changes and issues affecting the employment drug and alcohol screening industry.

Illinois-based DSCI is co-founded and led by lawyer William “Bill” Judge, who has more than three decades of experience in the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry, and Nick Hartman, a certified Designated Employment Representative, who has designed, implemented and managed drug-free workplace programs for thousands of employers worldwide.

DSCI provides guidance to employers regarding workplace drug and alcohol testing programs. It provides comprehensive review, development and ongoing support of workplace screening programs for employers of all sizes and from across every industry.

DSCI can:

  • Review your existing program and provide feedback (line-by-line), or design a program from scratch; 
  • Make revisions to policy to bring it up to date with applicable state and federal rules; 
  • Provide State-Specific Addenda that are up to date;
  • Provide State-Specific Implementation Checklists; 
  • Review any financial incentives that may be available; 
  • Provide any required or desired training;
  • Provide on-going updates to all materials;
  • Provide on-going guidance, compliance alerts, thought-leadership content and answers to general questions.
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